HOLAFOODS – 10-year journey

On 22/10/2014, Hoang Lam Trading and Foods Technology JSC (HOLAFOODS) had solemnly organized 10-year establishing anniversary celebration (22/10/2004 – 22/10/2014) at Thao Vien Resort – Trung Son Tram, Son Tay, Ha Noi.

The anniversary saw the union of HOLAFOODS’ best friends from the very beginning day, including members working in North-Middle-South of Vietnam and even old members of HOLAFOODS family.

HOLAFOODS was initially established on 22/10/2014, started up with only 4 staff and the headoffice was an old garage. Among thousands of difficulties and challenges in the beginning days (including market, goods, internal capability), conquerring customers’ belief was the most challeging everyday. Inspite of this, those men had stood side by side to overcome the difficult time, built up relationship and belieft with many customers, increased sales revenue and widened the market. Until now, after 10 years of working and developing, HOLAFOODS has more than 80 members, established Ho Chi Minh branch, Da Nang office and extended Bakerland retailing shops in the North and the South of Vietnam.

During this memorable anniversary, Mr Dao Duc Hoang, HOLAFOODS’ Director made a brief overview on the last 10-year development and gave the next 5-year developing orientation. Whereby, he mentioned: “Change is the strategic target, Change for more intensive, more sustainable growing, makes the desire of bringing HOLAFOODS to a more developing, higher and further level become reality.”.

Furthermore, the anniversary also brought company’members and guests with emotional moment when the first 4 HOLAFOODERS shared their memory on those days. It was not only about the difficulties but also about the belief, the passion and the enthusiasm of youth which inspired them to strengthen HOLAFOODS and overcome the toughest period of startup.

Another interesting activity during the anniversary was the rewarding of HOLAFOODS 2019 Portrait Painting Competion.This meaningfull activity was launched from 9/2014 which was to celebrate company’s 10-year birthday. Among 70 submissions, 7 masterpieces were chosen to be rewarded. The first prize belonged to Ms Trinh Nhu Trang (Purchasing Department), the second prize belonged to Ms Nguyen Thanh Thuy (Bakerland 2), and 2 third prizes belonged to Mr Nguyen Van Duc (Admin-HR Department) and Ms Tran Thanh Lam Ngoc (Bakerland). Besides, there were 3 extra-prizes including “painting reflects current situation the best”, “painting raises the most concerns” and “Painting shows the most beautiful life” for Mr Pham Van Chi (Ingredient Department), Ms Le Thi Lan (Bakerland) and Ms Tran Thi Thu Trang (HCM branch) respectively.

The anniversary was held in cozy and vibrant atmosphere contributed not only by professional singers, artists but also by many hard-practising HOLAFOODERS.


The celebration ended up with the camp fire bursted out. All the hand-in-hand HOLAFOODERS lived in the moment of joy, pride and belief in the company future, belief in the desire to Change and the promise to Change by the Management. HOLAFOODS will be more intensively, sustainably and humanistically developing. HOLAFOODS will be not only the “number 1” brand in the market but also a beloved company by the members, customers, partners and the community.

Some Pictures captured in the anniversary



Nguyen Thanh Thuy