2015 Traveling tour – Blue ocean improvisation

Directed by the company’s management, HOLAFOODS is organizing a “Team-building tour” for staff on 26 – 29 June 2015.

The tour, among the annual welfare offered by HOLAFOODS to its staff, shows a considerate care to each member of the Family. The activities are also expected to keep promoting the solidarity and sharing among the colleagues in order to make the slogan “Share to develop” the value, the featured enterprise culture, the habit, and the way every HOLAFOODER thinks and acts in their everyday life.

  1. DATE
  • 26 – 29 June 2015
  1. VENUE
  • Ha Long Bay, including 3D2N on Au Co 5-star cruise and 1D1N at Novotel international 4-star hotel.
  • Admire the landscape on the cruise, enjoy parties on the boat and soak yourself in the clean blue water along the wild beach
  • Participate in many activities such as sailing, riding bicycle, playing football, cooking, etc.
  • Relax at Lan Ha bar or join night squid fishing together with the crew
  • Explore yourself, develop organization and teamwork skills, learn how to cooperate, share, build and maintain trust, etc.
  • Stand side by side your teammate, fight for the team spirit in each game and throughout the journey in order to get attractive rewards for the winner.

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  • Enjoy your great holiday on a modern and luxurious 5-star cruise
  • Experience amazing activities on the cruise and explore fantastic beauty of Ha Long Bay with Lan Ha Bay landscape
  • Relax with wonderful improvisational dance together with your colleagues in a very exciting atmosphere
  • Participate in HOLAFOODS beach football tournament, sea bathing, bicycle riding, sailing and many other attractive activities
  • Enjoy different kinds of international class premium beer at beer Bar…

                BLUE OCEAN IMPROVISATION, the expected summer holiday of all HOLAFOODERS this year!