BAN DO HA NOI DA CHINH TIENG ANHHoang Lam Trading and Foods Technology Joint Stock Company (HOLAFOODS JSC) is one of the best Vietnam’s suppliers in food ingredients, food additives, food machinery and equipment, food training, solutions and food technology transfer.

Founded in 2004, HOLAFOODS since then has been keeping its goal to be on top of supplying goods and services in food industry in the whole Viet Nam.

Having qualified teams with all good staffs who professionally work for customers’ development, HOLAFOODS has earned a great credibility from a growing number of both customers and suppliers.

Following the slogan “Share to Develop”, HOLAFOODS always share with its customers and suppliers not only professional knowledge and experience but also the business opportunities and profits. Along with creating values for customers and partners, HOLAFOODS continuously generates benefits  socially and for the community.