Spare part supply

Besides repair and maintenance service of food equipment, Holafoods can supply spare parts of different brands according to customer requirements.

List of spare parts supplied:

Tay khuay xoanTay khuay mocTay khuay long

    Spiral hook of spiral mixer                             Hook of planetary mixer                                 Whisk of planetary mixer

Tay khuay det Khoi dong tuDong ho tu dong

    Beater of planetary mixer                                           Contactor                                     Showcase temperature controller

Dong ho dk nhiet do1Dong ho dk nhiet do 3Dong ho dinh luoc nuoc

    Temperature controller                                       Temperature controller                                           Water meter

Dong ho dieu khien nhiet do 2Dao may catCam bien nhiet

        Temperature controller                                   Blades of bread slicer                                         Thermal sensor

Bau tron botAptomatbăng tải máy cán

     Bowl of planetary mixer                                                Atomat                                              Blades of bread slicer